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The future of the Thai workforce

  • 19-4-22
  • user Richard Malpeli

Thailand 4.0

Thailand 4.0 is a plan launched by the Thai government which aims to transform Thailand into a high-income nation by promoting innovation and advanced industries. To achieve this, the government has identified areas that will propel its development agenda forward, with robotics and digital technologies among the new areas identified to lead the charge.

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How can companies prepare for the changes Thailand 4.0 brings?

We will start to see new roles being established to support the Thailand 4.0 vision. Additionally, there will be changes to how certain types of jobs are structured as companies adopt new work and organisation models. For example, regulation will need to be revised to enable use of technology for work and innovation.

Organisations will be inclined to hire robotics engineers and continuous improvement/project leads, as manufacturing lines are automated over time with a stronger focus on driving cost-effective, world-class manufacturing processes. There will also be a need for companies in sunset or labour intensive industries to project the skills/ capabilities needed to retain and re-skill the current workforce to keep pace with technology. Employees will need to be trained across a broader set of skills to perform a variety of tasks.

Procurement and supply chain on the other hand, will continue to be pushed to the forefront of the company and will play a more integral role in shaping business strategies.

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