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Talent Search

​Let us help you find the best talent for your growing team and organisation. With a wide and deep network of global professionals, we are confident in finding you the right talent for your industry. In recent years, we have provided companies with more than 5,000 successful mid-to-high-end talent worldwide. Our recruitment consultants are highly experienced and experts in their field in providing the best recruitment solutions to achieve your objectives.


​Employing contractors are a great alternative to hiring permanent employees if your organisation is working on special projects for a certain timeframe.
Hiring a contractor allows you to:

  • Select from a much larger talent pool
  • Flexibility in hiring (as and when you need to hire according to your project timelines)
  • Trial the candidate’s expertise before you commit
  • Hire immediately
  • Hire without adding to your company’s headcount



Executive Search

Our CGP Executive Search approach uses seamless talent acquisition methodologies to help our clients find, attract, and retain the right talent for their business. With a strong track record of successful placements, our consultants are seasoned recruiters with in-depth industry knowledge and will guide and advise you to help meet your business needs. By working closely with our clients, our consultants seek to truly understand the nature and culture of your business to provide a highly strategic customised solution that adheres to your timeline and requirements. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality candidates to you efficiently and effectively to minimise your time when it comes to the hiring process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Managing low efficiency, high cost, and unstructured management process when recruiting talent is painful. That’s why our professional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service provides both online and offline resources to ensure efficient recruitment time, reduce recruitment costs, and recruit the best talent in the market. Let us do the hard work for you by allowing our consultants to manage all your hiring for the business.

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