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How To Build A Strong Employer Brand That Attracts The Best Candidates Title

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How to build a strong employer brand that attracts the best candidates

  • 11-4-23
  • user Richard Malpeli

A strong employer brand is one of the most beneficial things a company can have. Achieving and maintaining this quality can not only increase employee retention but will save the company money and attract only the best candidates for upcoming positions. In this article, we will explain the benefits, importance of, and ways you can build a strong employer brand that will help your company thrive and attract fantastic candidates.

What is an employer brand?

Employer branding is very similar to regular branding. It focuses on creating an image that gives a company a reputation and its own identity amongst employees and possible future candidates. As well as maintaining a company image for customers, it is also crucial to uphold a strong reputation as an employer. In recent years, this has also been something potential customers or clients will look into. Building a positive employer brand will include how you value and treat employees, the company’s ethos, employee feedback, culture, policies, the language you use, and much more. 

Why is an employer brand more important than ever before

Unlike twenty years ago, everything you do now is in the public eye. From websites where employees can anonymously review their employer to social media platforms, the way you treat employees will likely end up in public sight, whether good or bad. Companies must be mindful of the modern world, strive for positive feedback, and create an excellent reputation. Of course, this has always been important, but nowadays, everyone risks negative press if they don’t adhere to high standards and keep things running perfectly. Furthermore, everything being so open can be seen as extremely positive. If your company is doing everything right, it is likely that you will never struggle to find staff whenever you are in need.  

Things you can do to build a strong employer brand to attract top talent

There are almost too many ways to mention how to improve your employer brand. We have decided to narrow it down to some of the best places that you can start, but remember, this is something that can constantly be refined and improved. Creating a strong employer brand is only the beginning; afterwards, it will have to be maintained to a high standard.

Manage your brand – It is crucial to keep on top of your brand and always be aware of what people are saying about it. You should regularly audit your brand and find out how both outsiders and employees view your company. This is a great way of identifying areas for improvement and knowing when you have been successful. You will find much more honest answers on forums than you might in the workplace, so this goes beyond simple employee satisfaction surveys. 

Improve company policies – Your company policies should reflect how you advertise your product. You want to promote your products positively, and that’s how you should present your workplace. For example, if the ethos you put out to the general public is togetherness, then you want workers to feel the same when they think about your company. There is always room to improve company policy to create a happier workforce. When you do this, word will eventually get around that your company is a brilliant place to work.  

Gather employee feedback – You should gather feedback from your employees as often as possible and in as many forms as possible too. It is a good idea to always make them anonymous in the form of a ballot or questionnaire. Making sure this feedback is accurate will give you a great insight into where you need to put in the extra effort to refine your employer brand. It is also important to note that you should always act on this feedback and make your employees aware that you are doing so. It is best to be an open book when you want a dedicated workforce.

Always make the hiring process a positive experience – Even if you are not going to hire a candidate, the experience should be as positive and communicative as possible. When a candidate is left in the dark or treated negatively, this can have terrible implications for a business's reputation. 

Create a supportive environment – This means being proactive in offering support and advice to all of your employees whenever they need it. We have seen that when companies don’t advertise themselves as a supportive environment for employees, that reliability, morale, and willingness to work decrease amongst the workforce. 

Put your employees in the spotlight – When an employee works outstandingly, it is essential to not only acknowledge their achievements but put the spotlight on them. This can be done on the company’s website stating their achievements, credentials, and even a statement from them. This is not only a great advertisement for how you treat your employees but also showcases the talent that possible candidates can be working with if they join your business. 

Keep providing professional development – Nobody wants to be in a stagnant position at work. So you should always offer training and professional development to your employees. This is great for making sure your employees are working at the highest level and keeping a good level of enthusiasm amongst staff. In addition, this is a great way for candidates to know that they can work their way up in your company and improve their skills. It is also an excellent idea to offer a professional development request form to give employees a say on where they feel they would like to improve. 

Share your success stories – If it isn’t already, it needs to be made one of your top priorities. Sharing success stories can attract a lot of media attention which, in turn, will attract people to your business. Do this as often as possible so that people can know what to expect when dealing with your company in any way. This shouldn’t be limited to financial success or sales but how your company is promoting green initiatives, worker satisfaction, charitable events, and anything else that makes your company shine. 

Be mindful of your language – You should always be careful of the language you choose to use on every platform. Avoid words with any negative connotations, be openly mindful of people’s beliefs, and always use desirable language. The language your company uses is probably going to be the first thing that anyone sees, whether it is for advertising a product or a position. 

In conclusion

It is imperative to maintain a strong employer brand to attract both customers and candidates. This is something that can take time to build, and it must constantly be maintained. When it comes to creating a fantastic reputation, the job is endless, and there is always room for improvement. It might seem like a lot of work now, but in turn, it will save you much more work in the long run. Being a company that people want to work for will also ensure that your costs are reduced as you won’t be investing in new workers so often. Following these guidelines and adhering to high standards are sure to make your company flourish and be a desirable place to work.

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