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How Recruitment Agencies Play A Role In Your Career Development Title

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How recruitment agencies play a role in your career development

  • 17-7-23
  • user Richard Malpeli

Developing your career should be an ongoing project throughout your working life. Your career can help you grow both personally and professionally with new skills and learned behaviours, and working with a recruitment agency can help you to overcome obstacles in your career and achieve the next level quicker than if you were to tackle it alone.

What a recruitment agency does

The job of a recruitment agency is to act as the middle-man between candidates and companies to fill available positions in the workforce. Some recruitment agencies work within specific industries they specialise in, while others are broader and offer positions from multiple industries.

Partnering with companies

Recruitment agencies work with companies to help them fill their open positions. A recruitment agency is a partner to a company that assists the human resources department in filling the roles they require with the right people.

Partnering with candidates

A recruitment agent’s job is to find the right person for an open position, whether it is from an existing database of jobseekers that they have or someone new who fits the role well. Recruitment agents will assist candidates in preparing for the application process, whether that is through interview preparation or assistance with resume creation.

Recruitment agency services to jobseekers

A recruitment agent will provide a number of free services to job applicants that will help them succeed in their applications. It is the job of a recruitment agent to ensure that job seekers are qualified and prepared for the role they are applying for.

Resume assistance

A good recruitment agent can look at your resume and tell you what is right and wrong about it in the eyes of the company that is seeking candidates for an open position. They can provide you with advice on any changes that need to be made to your resume and help you prepare the right document to get you the job.

Role selection

Once a recruitment agent is aware of your skills and qualifications, they can help you apply for the positions that best suit your abilities and find the role that is right for you. A recruitment agent has access to multiple openings at any given time, so if you don't succeed with your first choice, the agent can help you to apply for similar roles to ensure that you still end up gainfully employed, despite your first rejection.

Interview preparation

A recruitment agent is usually familiar with the companies that have open positions. They know more about the culture of the business and the people that will be conducting your interview. As it is the recruitment agent’s role on behalf of the company to get the position filled, they can provide you with some great tips on how to succeed in your interview.

How a recruitment agency can accelerate your career development

Whether you are looking to move up within your industry, returning to the workforce or just seeking temporary employment to fill a gap between positions, a quality recruitment agent can help you achieve your employment goals.

Career development

If you are currently in a position but looking to move up or accelerate your career, a recruitment agency can help. After an initial assessment of your skills, a recruitment agent will review the available positions on their roster and find ways for you to move into the next position that will progress your career. As a professional that is focused on helping people improve their skills and standing within an industry, a recruitment agent is one of the best people to give quality advice on how to further develop your career in the next step of your employment.

Facilitating your return to the workforce

If you have taken some time out of professional employment to travel or raise children, your initial return to the workforce can sometimes feel daunting. A recruitment agent will be able to look at the skills you have and help you get back into the workforce mindset before you begin the job allocation process. With a recruitment agent on your side, you have a better chance of achieving the type of job you want, despite a gap in your professional experience, so you can return to full-time or part-time employment in a job that will satisfy you.

Assisting with career change

The average person in the workforce experiences approximately 7 career changes throughout their lifetime, a figure that is increasing at a steady pace. No longer are employees expected to remain in the same position for decades before retiring. If you are seeking a career change, a recruitment agent can look at the skills you already have and help you understand which skills are transferable to your new path.

How working with a recruitment agent can benefit you

The experience that a recruitment agent has across multiple industries can be extremely beneficial to you. They are familiar with your potential employers and don't get paid until you get the job, so it is in their best interests to find the right position for you as quickly as possible. The drive that an agent has to get you employed is the perfect example of how a recruitment agency can accelerate your career development.

Pushing to get you the job

After your interview has been conducted, a recruitment agent can push the company to employ you without the negative ramifications you would experience if you were to try this yourself. Having someone on your side that will fight to get you the job can be key to you being the one that ends up in the role.

Fighting for a higher wage

As a recruitment agent gets paid based on your starting salary, it is more likely that they will push for better wages for you from the outset. The more you get paid, the more they get paid. If you are seeking the best way to enhance your career, a quality recruitment agency is key. There is no better way to ensure your career development than with a professional organisation on your side.