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Why Do We Need Unbiased Recruitment?

  • 02-11-22
  • user Richard Malpeli

Unbiased recruitment enables businesses to hire employees based on their having the best skills and competencies for the role. When done right, it leads to a more diverse workforce where the right person for the job is chosen,...

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What Are the Benefits of Using Recruitment Services?

  • 01-11-22
  • user Richard Malpeli

As companies grow, they need to add to their workforce. To support this growth, they have to routinely undertake the work of finding, interviewing, shortlisting, and choosing the perfect job candidate for each opening that com...


Halloween BD day at CGP Thailand

  • 19-10-22
  • user Richard Malpeli

The things I do for the team 😐

  • 17-10-22
  • user Richard Malpeli
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Durian eating video as promised.!

  • 12-10-22
  • user Richard Malpeli

I lost the bet so I had to keep my word. Verdict - It tastes exactly like it smells. This will be the first and last time I ever eat Durian.