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Bunyathida Wongthes

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VP Project Development

  • 03-4-24
  • THB150000 - THB200000 per month
  • Bangkok
  • Permanent
  • V-40627

Job Description

Position Overview: The Vice President of Project Development for the Solar Business plays a pivotal role in leading the development and execution of solar energy projects. This position requires a strategic mindset, strong leadership skills, and a deep understanding of the renewable energy industry. The Vice President will be responsible for identifying and evaluating project opportunities, managing project development activities, and driving the growth of the organization's solar portfolio.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Leadership:

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the development of solar energy projects, aligned with the company's overall objectives and market trends.
    • Provide strategic direction and guidance to the project development team, fostering innovation and driving continuous improvement initiatives.
  2. Project Identification and Evaluation:

    • Identify and assess potential solar project opportunities, including site selection, feasibility studies, and market analysis.
    • Conduct financial analysis, risk assessment, and due diligence to evaluate the viability and profitability of projects.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including landowners, government agencies, utilities, investors, and community groups.
    • Collaborate with internal and external partners to navigate regulatory requirements, permitting processes, and interconnection agreements.
  4. Project Development:

    • Lead the development of solar projects from inception to commercial operation, overseeing activities such as site acquisition, permitting, engineering, procurement, and construction.
    • Manage project timelines, budgets, and resources to ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery.
    • Monitor project progress, identify potential risks and challenges, and implement mitigation strategies to achieve project goals.
  5. Market Expansion:

    • Identify emerging markets and opportunities for solar project development, both domestically and internationally.
    • Develop market entry strategies, assess competitive landscapes, and establish partnerships to drive business growth and market penetration.
  6. Team Management:

    • Recruit, train, and mentor a high-performing team of project development professionals, fostering a culture of collaboration, accountability, and excellence.
    • Provide leadership and guidance to team members, empowering them to achieve individual and collective goals.

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering, Business, Environmental Science, or related field.
  • Extensive experience in project development within the renewable energy industry, with a focus on solar energy.
  • Proven track record of successfully leading the development and execution of large-scale solar projects.
  • Strong understanding of project finance, including tax equity, debt financing, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and negotiation skills, with the ability to build and maintain relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to analyze market trends, identify opportunities, and develop innovative solutions.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks, and drive results in a fast-paced environment.

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